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3 in 1 Elight IPL OPT RF ND Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Machine

Intense Pulsed Light 360 skin care system is all-around and high-efficiency skin care system. It is a multifunctional beauty equipment which combine the most advanced technology of medical beauty file, E-light, Rf, and YAG. 360 skin care system combine a variety of powers and give full play to solar energy, bipolar RF and laser, it has a significant clinical effect and has been proved to safely and effectively apply to different skin types and skin complexion.


Technical advantages

1.   Large vertical equipment, huge color touch screen, exalted and noble.

2.   Combining four technologies, intense pulsed light, radio frequency and laser, having more complete functions.

3.   Latest plug and play butt joint, separating water and electric design, more secure and easy to install.

4.   Perfect combination of large capacity stainless steel tank and industrial radiator which provide water cycle cooling system and satisfy customers’ continuous treatment demand.

5.   Nine operating languages suit to different colleagues in different countries.

6.   Water flow and temperate self- testing system and self-correcting system to guarantee safe operation.




Technical principle

E-light technology -- Aimed at entire dermis and connective tissue, IPL and Bipolar RF technology stimulates and makes the collagen in different depths rearrange and grow  so as to achieve the therapeutic effect, while bipolar radio frequency simultaneously releases energy, making diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis produce light pyrolysis through skin’s selective absorption of light energy. Because of  energy it needs far lower than traditional IPL, it makes the pigmented and vascular diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis absorb more energy without skin damage and removes these diseased tissues, by which achieves therapeutic effect.


   SHR-- Professional 530-1200nm hair removal wavelength, its efficient penetrate depth can reach hair follicle, and continuous light make sure the head produce enough heat which make the hair follicle and the cells around lose vigour, then the hair follicle atrophy and hair stop growing. On the other hand, the most advanced single pulse technology and sapphire touch operation head make the operation and cooling synchronous, not only getting better effect but also protecting the normal tissue from harming, and the customers feel more comfortable during the operation.


 RF technology -- first ensuring your skin is comfortable and off damage and then taking advantage of RF waves to generate heat conduction, RF accurately reaches to skin’s deep layer, stimulates the ions and charged colloidal particles in body rapidly move or vibrate. Friction generating heat, skin will naturally come to an immediate contraction when collagenous tissues in skin’s deep layer reach to 45-60, then stimulates to secrete new collagen to rearrange and fill the gap of atrophic and lost of collagen, rebuilds the soft stent of skin, and finally achieve skin tightness, wrinkles filling and skin elasticity and gloss regaining.


YAG technology - on the basis of the theory that immediate and high-energy laser emission can efficiently crushes the pigment of diseased tissues, YAG makes  irradiated pigment particles absorb power and swell to crack. Part of them splitting into more tiny nibs are excreted, and part of them are swallowed by body macrophage  and excreted through lymphatic system, by which pigments are eliminated. Because normal tissue does not absorb the laser with fixed wavelength, thus the integrity of the cell framework is maintained without conditions that invoke scars form.







Technical parameters



Spectral   Range



Illuminance Area



IPL energy


Adjustable pulse width




Adjustable pulse width




RF energy


RF frequency

Bipolar 5Mhz3 treating   probes

Laser wavelength


Laser type

Q Switch Nd:YAG

Laser energy


Laser   frequency


Display screen

10.4”ture color touch screen

Cooling   system

Water cooling + semiconductor   refrigeration, air cooling

Total power










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