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Portable 4D Hifu Machine

The 4D multi-line ultrasonic beauty machine is a moreauthoritative and higher-end anti-aging system instrument after thecontinuous Thermage Ultrasonic Beauty Machine . This technique hasno bleeding , no surgery , no scars , no trauma , and replaces variouseffects of traditional facial anti-aging wrinkle surgery-includingface-lifting , removing double chin , lifting firmness , wrinkles ,tightening the skin , ete . It completely solve the problem of aging andsagging on the face and body parts , and recreate the contours torestore the youth Compared with previous single-line technologyeffects is more durable.
Authoritative vaginal shrinking technology instrument . This technology has no bleeding , no knife ,no scar , no trauma and high safety , It is aimed at solving the problems offemale vaginal tissue rupture , damage , dryness , relaxation and so on


4D anti-aging principle:

Ultrasound focusing uses its unique high-energy focused ultrasound to reach the SMAS layer, enhances the SMAS fascia suspension, and comprehensively solves the problem of face and body sagging. It precisely focused the ultrasonic energy at different depths of the fascia layer and collagen layer, which make fascia layer muscle growth, achieving the best effect of shaping, lifting and firming; and make collagen recombined and regenerated, achieving skin elasticity, whitening, wrinkle removal, and fine pores. At the same time, because the energy is swept across the epidermis, there is no need to worry about the injury of the epidermis. The skin can be quickly lifted, tightened, and wrinkles can be smoothed quickly.




4D anti-aging technical advantages

 1、 4D anti-aging can dot 1 to 11 lines, the maximum energy area width is 10mm. The treatment length can be adjusted from 1mm to 25mm, and the energy can be adjusted from 0.1J to 2.0J. The corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the size and length of the treatment area and the customer's ability to withstand, greatly shortening the operation time and making the energy point of the skin more uniform and effective. This machine use the original imported linear motor. You can adjust the gear position to change the speed of the operation. There is 1 to 5 gear position adjustment (1 is the fastest gear position). The motor is ultra-quiet, the mute reaches below 20 decibels. And there will be no motor card that cause the card to be stuck, which will make it safer when operating the machine for your customers. We believe that your customers will enjoy machine operation and your service.

2、 Using the most advanced black technology, according to the skin condition of the face and body parts, we equipped with eight cartridges, accurately applied to different skin depths. Different parts with different depth cartridge and corresponding clear operation interface, to achieve the best results. The energy is slightly over the epidermis during treatment, 100% without any damage. At the same time, the depth of the skin for the treatment of cartridge is consistent with the set value, ensuring that the customer is painless and comfortable.

3、 It has thermal effect of dermal collagen and collagen fibers, and also has thermal stimulation on the fat layer and fascia layer (SMAS). The treatment effect is much better than the thermage machine.

4、 Operation is simple and convenient, no need for consumables, which greatly saves on treatment costs.

5、 The effect of tightening and shaping can be seen Immediately after treatment. A treatment can be maintained for at least 18--24 months, and the skin age is negatively increased every year.

6、 Apply makeup immediately after treatment, that is, do it immediately, without affecting normal life and work.

7. With CE certification, the safety and effectiveness of the machine are recognized.


HIFU vaginal head

3.0,4.5 are available

Input voltage


Maximum power


Insurance wire


Product size


Machine weight

6.8 kg

Packed size


Packing weight

15 kg





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